Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finger Cut!

I cut my thumb today while being dumb with a knife. I didn't feel like eating lunch (common when Matt's gone, mostly laziness) so I decided to eat salami and cheese by the computer so I could wait for Matt's e-mail. (Which has yet to come, BTW.) But the salami wasn't sliced, so I brought a knife with me. You can see where this is going already, huh? It's still bleeding off and on. Overall, not a good day.
I was looking at my cut in the tub- before it started bleeding again- and thought I sort of felt the way it looked, if that makes sense. On the ouside, the cut didn't look so bad. It was a very clean slice. but the inside was filled with blood and all messed up, waiting to gush out at the slighest provocation. I knew it would get harder for me after the first couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean I like or or even really know what to do with myself except let it ride.
Arden is still acting out a lot and screaming at me. Dana comes over Tuesday morning and I'm hoping she'll have some pearls of wisdom. Until then, let's not provoke the cut...


Anonymous said...

I just cut myself cooking this weekend. Actually, I didn't notice at first... and then when I did, I had to throw away half the veggies I just chopped. Ewwww!

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