Thursday, February 5, 2009


The title pretty much sums it up. Both of the kids have been ill and I'm stressed about closing on the house and moving in on my own. Yesterday someone broke into my neighbor's house and vandalized it. Nothing was reported stolen, but it's pretty alarming since that kind of thing doesn't happen here. Or it didn't used to. So now I'm back to having sleep problems. Overall I'm not in a bad place, just a little morose. But not dark!
One of the sweet sweet ladies at my MOPS table gave Arden the most thoughtful gift EVER today! I had e-mailed her about Arden's appointment with our therapist and learning to express feelings in a healthy manner. My friend made Arden a sort of care package full of crafts to help Arden feel special and to better express herself with some quality time for the two of us. All of this and she has a 4 week old son!!! MOPS, and the ladies I've met there, has been an awesome opportunity and I'll continue to try and serve in hopes that just maybe I'll be able to add something to it by God using me. I'm sorry for those of you without close female friends, they're really a treasure. The good ones don't cause drama. ;-)