Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to the Flight Suit!

I'm still trying to remove the remnants of my blue eye shadow, but I had a fun time at the latest MAG-39 fete, "Back to the Flight Suit"! People were definitely checking me out, so tacky must look good on me. Matt has our digital camera, so maybe I'll post pics when some of the other girls e-mail me photos they took.
Being in 267 is strange sometimes. Agnes and I were the only two Stingerettes there with deployed husbands, but there were single Pilots there as well. And then all the married non-deployed folk, which is most people. I watched Matt's boss and his wife dancing and it was sweet, not because they're old (they're not) but because of the tenderness that was evident between them. It's not like they were sappy or anything, we were all dancing to Michael Jackson and Madonna. You could just tell that they still cared about each other in a soft sort of way, if that makes any sense. So I sang my heart out when the band dedicated "With or Without You" to all of the Marines there. I didn't cry or anything sappy, I'm not feeling that way. Just accepting my feelings as normal reactions to abnormal circumstances.
But I did have a blast "dancing the night away" in my cut off flight suit with turquoise leggings and metallic pink leg warmers. I wore a banana clip. :-)


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