Monday, January 19, 2009

As if things aren't already challenging enough, Arden is dealing with anger issues right now. Since Matt left she's been virtually out of control a few times, but they were all when we were at home. That is until today. She had some ugly tantrums at Mommy and Me Preschool, but I was able to squelch those pretty quickly (with Miss Tassy, of course!). B&N was different, and the end result was she didn't get a book and I got some dirty looks. I put in a call to Dana, my therapist, to try and schedule a house call for a little guidance here. I feel like maybe I'm doing alright, but Arden, well, I can't tell. She could just be being a headstrong three year old, or she could be trying to deal with a greater problem (like Matt being gone, or even something else?). So that's why I called in the "Big Guns"! Sigh.
Matt's been able to call a few times, since he's in Waikiki. That's definitely been encouraging for me! They'll pull out of Port in a couple of days and then I won't hear so much for a bit- a long bit- but at least I know where they're going. So much sadness in our world. I pray daily for a better place for Arden and Ethan when they grow up.


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