Friday, July 9, 2010

We've Been Inked! or, Arch Enemy Part II

So here's my laundry room today:

Tada!  I know it's not perfect, but at least the laundry that's left in there is all folded or hung.  That's good enough, I say.  I even put a door hanger on the cabinet to hang dry small things like tote bags and lunch boxes.  I thought that was pretty creative.

Now on to the inked segment.  You may have noticed a few, errrrr, "some" days have passed since I promised that I'd clean that mess up.  It's not that it has taken me a week to get the laundry cleaned up, not exactly anyway.  The day after my last blog entry the laundry room was lookin' good!  But then it happened.  E got into Matt's office as Matt was getting ready for work, and he found a bottle of ink.  Matt uses it to refill his fabu fountain pen.
I do actually love fountain pens.
After the lid was unscrewed, the ink managed to find its way into the keyboard of Matt's LAPTOP, then into all of the electronics therein.  Matt had just left when I happened upon a black handed toddler in the hall and discovered the catastrophe.  The carpet under Matt's desk also suffered a grievous blow.  I did the best I could, but we also sacrificed a good number of towels in the effort, which is how the laundry room cleaning and post was waylaid.  The towels are a lurid violet color now, thanks to some clorox.  There was a valiant effort to save the Acer, but it unfortunately succumbed to the ink.  ::sigh::
At least my laundry and laundry room are clean!  (Note my bag of Charlie's soap on the counter in the laundry room.)


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